Pet Relocation 101: How to Move With a Dog


Illustrations by Maddie Loftesnes

Tons of dogs and pets are moving across the country every day. Can you imagine it? Hopefully, their owners know that getting them to their new home safely involves a lot more than making sure they don’t pee in the car.

So today, in the spirit of keeping our dogs happy and our cars clean, we bring you our top tips for taking care of your pup before, during and even after your big move.

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How to Pack Fish Tanks and Aquariums

How to Pack a Fish Tank

This article is part of our monthly Helper Newsletter – a collection of tips, training and resources we publish for the movers you can hire through the marketplace. We’re publishing it here because everybody’s moves should be easier (even if you’re not a HireAHelper helper).

Once upon a time a move crew and I walked into a customer’s plush home – and came face to face with a massive aquarium. Brightly-colored tropical fish. Lots of plant things. Coral and glass and mini rock formations. It was beautiful – and very intimidating. Continue reading


Lost & Found – The Case of the Packed Cat

Cat Survives in a Moving Box 36 Days

You may have heard the story that’s been going around: A cat gets packed in a box and, after 36 days, arrives in its new home to the delight – and horror – of its owners.

That’s right. A cat packed away by movers in Suffolk, Virginia survives more than a month without food or water – in a cardboard box on a truck, in a container on a ship, and then on another truck, across the country and the ocean all the way to Hawaii.

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The Overseas Pet – How Do I Move My Pet Internationally?

International Pet Moving Tips

The What, When and How on Moving Your Pet Internationally

First, why move your pet? Seems like a dumb question, doesn’t it? But there was a time not so long ago that an international move meant finding a new home for Rover. Not any more. Airlines across the board have improved pet travel over the years, making even a long distance move smooth for the whole family, particularly the four-legged members.

Since the enactment of the Safe Air Travel for Animals Act of 2000, airlines in the US have upped their game, making it safer than ever to put your pet on a plane. Still, moving a pet with you to another country is a decision you’ll have to make. Do your research and be sure a move is practical or even possible for your pet.

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Moving With Your Pet

Moving can be an extraordinary pain even without added complications — but when you have to take a couple of animals with no understanding of what you’re doing or why, the problems will quickly compound faster than you’re able to figure out why your furry companions are getting upset. Confused and angry pets can create all kinds of havoc on a move — even if it’s only to the next block over.

Fortunately, there are some measures you can take during each step of the moving process to increase the chances of the move going more smoothly. And if you love your pet as much as I do (you know, the type of person who treats them more like family than pet, buys them the best food, utilizes the best pet insurance, and makes sure all their toys are free of toxins), then you want to make sure this move goes as easy on your pet as possible. Continue reading