9 Awesome Gifts That Give Your Money to Charity


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The craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are officially behind us and we must admit, we scored some awesome deals! But it’s really easy to get swept up in to the “buy, buy, buy” mentality of the holiday season, especially when sales are constantly in your face.

So today, while we’re still going to talk about buying gifts, we’re highlighting gifts that give back in some way or another. Every one of these gifts are not only great in their own right, but they are tied to a worthy charity. That way you can feel much better about your holiday shopping. Here are nine of our favorite gifts that give back this holiday season!

Gifts for Him

LSTN Earbuds

Both of our husbands can’t workout without their earbuds providing the motivation. With that in mind, we love the idea of upgrading their headphones to these noise isolating ones from LSTN. Not only are they made with real wood (say what?!), but proceeds help provide hearing aids to people in need.

Bombas Socks

When you’re a kid, getting socks wasn’t the most exciting gift in the world. But now as adults, our husbands and brothers are always asking for cool socks! We love the variety of colors and styles from Bombas, but their mission is even better. Because socks are the #1 most requested clothing item in homeless shelters, for every pair of socks purchased, a pair of socks is donated to the homeless community.

Warby Parker Glasses

Bridget swears by her Warby Parker eyeglasses because they’re budget-friendly and totally on trend. Not only can you gift some upgraded frames to any guy on your list, but you can give the gift of sight through their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program, which helps those in need around the world.

Gifts for Her

Mon Amie Watches

We each have one of these watches! They’re on trend and are perfect for everyday wear. And while we love the look, we are even more in love with their positive impact. You can choose from five watch styles, with each one directly benefits a unique cause. From clean water, to school supplies from students, you can choose the cause that is nearest and dearest to you when purchasing one of these watches.

TOMS Shoes

If you’ve heard of TOMS, you may already be familiar with the mission behind this progressive shoe company. For every pair of shoes purchased, a pair of shoes goes to a person in need. That 1:1 ratio is huge! Even more, in the past few years this brand has really stepped up their game with on-trend styles. We’re both big fans of the TOMS wedge booties and think that any lady in your life would be happy to find these under the tree this year.

Charity Water Candle

You can never have enough candles! We absolutely adore gifting this fragrant home item to many people on our lists. This candle is extra special because all profits go toward providing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Plus, the scent is “crisp, clean white”, which would work in pretty much any household. Everyone loves this gorgeous gift that gives back.

Gifts for Kids

St. Jude Wooden Block Set

How cute is this wooden block set? It’s colorful and helps kids with their hand-eye coordination. Win-win! This block set would be a special gift for any kid in your life, plus all profits benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Colored Organics Clothing

We recently stumbled upon the online store Colored Organics and are smitten with their gorgeous clothing for babies and kids. All of their clothing is made in a safe work environment, without child labor, and with fare wages for employees. But even better, up to 50% of their profits will go toward building orphanages for abandoned children in India.

State Give Back Pack

It’s official, if we were still in school we would totally rock one of these backpacks! With backpacks and lunch boxes in tons of cool colors and patterns, you can’t go wrong gifting one of these to a child on your shopping list. Bonus points … for each sale, the company delivers a backpack stocked with school supplies to a student in need.

With these nine gift ideas, you can cross those final names off of your holiday shopping list knowing that your buys are helping more than just the lucky gift recipient have a joyful season.

Packing Shoes the Right Way


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There are two basic ways to pack shoes.

  • Line a carton with paper, drop in a pile of shoes, tape the box shut and mark it with a big fat “SHOES” sticker
  • The right way

Even if the customer’s stuff will only be in boxes for a few days, improperly packed shoes can come out ruinously misshapen. Here are a few tips to prevent this from happening.

Before the Pack


We’re basically talking about shoes here, not sneakers. But whatever the case, a few preventative measures should be considered:

  1. Pack only dry shoes. Moisture can do bad things, particularly to suede and leather. But mold? It can make even the king’s cross-trainers smell.
  2. You know those balls of tissue in the toes of the shoes in the shoe store? They’re not there just to annoy us. Besides helping a shoe maintain its shape, some balled-up paper can absorb any residual moisture that might be lingering. Pro Tip: Consider using socks for this.
  3. Wipe those nice shoes clean. No need to set up a shoeshine booth, but dust and dirt can mar a shoe’s surface over time.

For the Pack



Now that we’ve taken measures against moisture, mold and marring, our prime concern is to make sure our customer’s shoes don’t get crushed.

  1. When possible, pack shoes in their original boxes. The nicer the shoes, the better the chances the customer will still have them. Regardless, it’s still a great idea to wrap them in paper to keep them from rubbing and scuffing each other. When enough paper is used it prevents that shoebox from getting crushed.
  2. Unless you’re packing (a) long-legged boots or (b) Shaquille O’Neal’s size 23 Nikes, one sheet of packing paper should be enough not only to adequately cover both shoes but to provide enough excess to form some protective padding for your bundle. Roll up one shoe, then the other in order to keep them separated – no need to be a neurosurgeon here but keeping the left and the right off each other is good practice. Note that some sources suggest wrapping shoes with their soles touching, others with the soles out. We lean toward putting the soles in against each other.
  3. Start with a cushiony layer of paper at the bottom of the carton. Usually a 3-cube works for packing shoes but a 4.5 will work too. Either way, those shoes at the bottom will want a bit of protection underneath. A layer of paper between layers of shoes further protects against crushing.
  4. Pack shoes on their sides to allow the soles to add some support and integrity to your carton. Form a layer of bundles of shoes on top of a layer of packing paper. Generally, heavier shoes go at the bottom. However, boots (those ladies’ long dress boots, not bad weather boots) can suffer creases in those long leggy parts if there are several bundles of shoes on top of them. Pack these items on top, again making sure there is paper separating them.
  5. Dress sandals and open-toed shoes are particularly susceptible to being misshapen. While less critical, sneakers and summer sandals (i.e., flip-flops) should be shown at least some degree of care.

A Final Word

Moving across town might not demand the same amount of care as a long distance multi-day move that involves storage. Good old common sense goes a long way and saves precious time. But with a customer’s pricey shoe collection we can never be too careful. Replacing those wingtips or stilettos might not be impossible, but getting all bent out of shape is a hassle the customer would undoubtedly like to avoid.


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