How I Pack a Dishpack


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[Synopsis: Dishpacks are often our heaviest cartons. Make sure they’re protected from the bottom.]

A well-packed dishpack starts at the bottom, with a layer of paper to cushion and protect those pounds of plates, dishes and bowls.

2016septnl2-copySome movers will fold a dozen or so sheets of packing paper to create their thick layer of padding.

Others will ball up these dozens or more sheets of paper and create a sea of crumpled newsprint at the bottom of the box.

2016sepnl1I’d never been completely comfortable with either of these strategies. Folded packing paper, no matter how many sheets, never seemed cushiony enough to me. I always envision that sea of crumpled paper parting under the weight of all those dishes, which would then end up sinking to an unpadded box bottom.

But what else was there to do? It had to be one or the other, right?

Then one day it hit me.

So now I do both.

Ever since that “Eureka” moment, I start my dishpacks by putting down a layer of several folded sheets of packing paper, adding a dense layer of crumpled paper, then topping that off with a layer of more folded sheets of paper. The crumpled paper layer in the middle gives plenty of cushioning, while the layers of folded paper help keep that middle layer in place.

There’s more than one way to cushion a dishpack. This just happens to be my favorite because it provides the most amount of support, which in turn, has helped me keep claims down to a minimum.


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