How to Pack and Move a Grandfather Clock

grandfather clock

Taking Care of Father Time

A grandfather clock, also known as a longcase or a tall case clock, is the kind of item we might go for years without having to pack. It is also the kind of item that we simply can’t pretend to know how to pack. So for that day when we do finally find ourselves face to face with someone’s two century old Simon Willard we want to be armed with the necessary know-how.

Here are the 6 Major Points of the process. Continue reading


How Do I Load My PODS Moving Container?

How do I load my PODS moving container?

So you reserved a portable storage container (also called moving containers or shipping containers and/or ‘PODS’ containers – which is actually the brand that reserves the containers, not a name for a container) what do you do next? How do you actually load a PODS moving container? Continue reading


How Do I Pack Glass Plates?

How To Pack Glass Plates

One Plate, One Sheet of Paper

“Use plenty of packing paper” is one of the first rules of packing a kitchen. Pad the bottom of the carton.  Cushion the sides. Pad the top with more paper.

“And make sure you wrap those breakables up good!”

Of course. That means lots of paper in between all those plates and everything, right?

Nope. Not necessarily. Continue reading


How To Pack a TV for Moving

How to Pack a Flatscreen TV

Two Tips for Protecting a Flat Screen

There’s nothing unusual anymore about packing up a flat screen television. Of course, that doesn’t make doing it any easier – or doing it right any less important. Here we put out a two-point plan for how to pack a TV for moving with an emphasis on keeping that pricey piece of entertainment safe. Continue reading