In what order do I remodel my house? In this order.


Homeownership can be confusing and comes with a lot of expenses. Even after you write that big check for a down payment, you’re still going to feel like you’re bleeding money. New furniture, DIY updates, fixing this and that…it all adds up! It can be overwhelming.

So today we wanted to give you some tips on how to prioritize all of those early expenses. What should you splurge on right from the start? What should you wait on to help you save some cash? We answer all of those questions…and more!

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Is Oregon Still A Trendy Moving Destination?

oregonkevin[Synopsis: Portland’s average home now tops $400,000. Is Oregon’s boom about to bust?]

In our industry, it’s no secret that Oregon has become a top destination for interstate moves. Whether you look at United’s inbound/outbound percentages or Atlas’s inbound move totals, Oregon has in the last few years shown itself to be economically strong. Not surprisingly, Portland is leading the charge.

But there are more than two ways to skin a cat. (This industry really is an animal!) And this month we are going to look at the situation in Portland from a few new angles, to see if Oregon really is the horse to bet on as Destination King.

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An Easy Way to Label Paint for the Next Homeowner

label paint blog header v2

We’ve chatted about paint colors A LOT here on the HireAHelper blog. That’s because painting the walls is a task that most homeowners tackle when they get into their new space, so we believe the topic deserves a little TLC.

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How to incorporate Chip And Joanna’s Fixer Upper Style into YOUR home!

How to incorporate Chip And Joanna's Fixer Upper Style into YOUR home!

If you are a Fixer Upper Fan, today’s post is for you! The star couple behind HGTV’s show, Fixer Upper, have completely stolen the hearts of America with their ability to transform old, run-down properties into homes that belong on the cover of a magazine.

Not only do Chip & Joanna Gaines create these swoon-worthy spaces, they do it while oozing positivity, happiness, and a great sense of humor. Continue reading