Updated Garages Add Massive Value To Homes, So Here Are 5 Sweet Upgrades

Your garage could be much more than a catch-all for excess junk accumulated over the years. It has the potential to be an aesthetic and functional extension of your home. That is if you’ve done the work to make it a usable space.

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Making Your Garage An Awesome Show Floor


We’ve been there.

We have all been to someone’s house who has an immaculate garage. Their tools are organized, their lawn mower is shining, and everything is stacked neatly in place. If you’re anything like us, we usually leave those garages asking ourselves, “How do they do it?!”

But the real question is, have you ever been in a garage that has an epoxy finish where the garage looks way less like a garage and much more like a fancy showroom?

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The 7 Most Essential Tools To Begin Your Collection

tools-9 copy

While we certainly are not tool experts (we’ll leave that title to Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor), we do like to get our hands dirty when DIY’ing projects over on our blog. Over the years our tool collection has slowly grown, but we had to start somewhere!

If you’ve ever walked into a home improvement store and were overwhelmed by the task of starting your own home tool collection, we’ve got your back. Today we’re diving into the seven basic tools that we firmly believe every homeowner should have. These tools really are the most essential, so they’ll always come in handy when you fix common issues around the house.

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